DINING; A Sushi Bar That’s Fresh and Refreshing

Published: New York Times – August 24, 2003

The first time I ate at Daiko, an unprepossessing looking Japanese restaurant and sushi bar on Route 34 just outside of New Haven, I sat in the dining room. The interior is spare and cool with a neighborhood-joint feel about it: a lot of folks coming in waving hello to the chef, and two walls papered with Polaroid’s of customers taken on the occasion of their birthdays.

We ordered a bunch of traditional appetizers: tempura, beef and scallion rolls, dumplings, deep-fried soft-shell crab (try the sautéed crab instead), miso soup (a lovely taste of miso, not just salt) and pickles (delicious). We also ordered buckwheat noodles, as well as sushi.

The appetizers tasted fine, although I’m no expert on this cuisine. The noodles were O.K.. The quality of the seafood was excellent — I do claim some expertise in that area — including such unusual items as poached monkfish liver, a taste that demands a more adventuresome palate than mine. I left satisfied, but not excited.

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“My favorite sushi place in the area, housed with Jerry-san’s sushi bar, this place is a real treat! The freshest fish is expertly prepared by highly experienced sushi masters. Each roll is a work of art in it’s own right. The staff is very friendly and does not rush you through.”

-Sarah R, Beacon Falls, CT

“There is a reason they have been around a long time! Excellent food, great prices, and a neat atmosphere. This place has been doing it right 20 years before there was a knock off sushi place on every corner!”


“Best sushi & sashimi I’ve had in ct so far. Love the spicy crunchy tuna handrolls.”

-Eric P, New Haven, CT

“This place is the best! Jerry is the coolest guy ever and the sushi is some of the best I’ve ever had!”

-Kami, Stamford, CT